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Peugeot RCZ - 30,000 Already

Peugeot RCZ - 30,000 Already

Since its launch in spring 2010, the RCZ has enjoyed success matching the high expectations raised by the Peugeot sports coupe in the two years preceding its arrival on the market, with the 30,000th unit rolling off the Magna assembly lines in Graz (Austria) on 21 June.

Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ
Peugeot RCZ
The Peugeot RCZ, the concrete expression of the Marque's strategy to move upmarket, saw its commercial launch as of April 2010, firstly on European markets then gradually across other continents. The Peugeot sports coupe is currently marketed in almost 80 countries.

The RCZ's principal markets are European: in France (7,337 total sales at end May 2011), in the United Kingdom (4,070), in Germany (3,614), in Belgium (1,755) and in Italy (1,078), etc. Beyond Europe, its high profile has helped boost Peugeot's image, particularly in Japan, Australia, Turkey, South Africa and Russia... It will be launched on the Chinese market in September.

Thanks to its radical style, unique personality, benchmark road holding, choice of high-performance, economical HDi and petrol engines, the Peugeot RCZ is gaining ground in Europe in particular. In fact, with almost 20,000 total registrations in this area since the launch, it has emerged as one the leading sports coupes in its category, outstripping the Audi TT.

By engine type, since the launch sales of the RCZ break down into 2/3 "petrol" and 1/3 "diesel":

- The RCZ fitted with the 1.6 THP / 156 hp has won over almost half of customers (47%), while 21% went for the radical 1.6 THP "200 hp".
- 32 % of customers opted for the 2.0 HDi / 163 hp engine.

The 30,000th Peugeot RCZ is an Asphalt limited edition, 800 units of which will be produced in 2011: the RCZ Asphalt, available with two engine options (1.6 THP / 200 hp and 2.0 HDi) stands out thanks to its exclusive matt grey bodywork, 19" two-tone wheels and the numerous distinctive external and internal features which help create a radical sports "look". For 2011, Peugeot is aiming to market almost 21,000 RCZ coupes.

The sportive vocation of the RCZ is clearly demonstrated through the competitions it takes part in: already leading in the “Diesel less than 2 litres” category in the German Endurance Championship (“VLN”) 2011, the RCZ, 2.0 HDi 200 hp configuration, is entering the intense 2011 "24 Hours of Nürburgring" race (25th & 26th June) and is committed to conserving the victory it obtained, in its category, at last years' 2010 race.

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