Monday, June 06, 2011

In Roland-Garros Style: Peugeot Bicycle

In Roland-Garros Style: Peugeot Bicycle

A resolutely "Roland-Garros" style for the new Peugeot bicycle.

Peugeot Bicycle Roland-Garros Style
In parallel with the special car and scooter series, several bicycles have flown the colours of the partnership between Peugeot and the Roland-Garros French tennis internationals since 2005.

The brand new model developed by Peugeot Cycles in this context comes in a very limited series of 50 units exclusively marketed in the Peugeot Automobiles network at the price of €649 for the duration of the tournament.
This particularly elegant fitness bicycle heralds the future Peugeot Cycles 2012 collection which will be presented in September 2011 and, for the first time in the history of the lion brand's bicycles, is the fruit of a joint effort between the "cycle" teams and Peugeot Style designers. It therefore offers a foretaste of the future two-wheeled range.

For the first time too, the Marque's consistency is highlighted by the clear link between the car, scooter and bicycle thanks to use of the same leather as on the 207 CC Roland Garros and identical colouring on 4- and 2-wheel models.
But the most innovative feature of this bicycle concerns the identification of both brands emblazoned on a piece of leather stretched across the front of the frame, leather which is also used for the handlebar grips and seat. By joining the new Fitness Peugeot Cycles range, it is synonymous with outdoor sport, fluidity and elegance.

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