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Peugeot 508

Peugeot 508

Peugeot will launch at least one new model per year onto the Chinese market in the coming years with the aim to reinforce its presence in China, enhancing both its model range and quality to new levels within the world’s largest car market. At the Shanghai 2011 Motor Show, Peugeot launches the 508 destined for the Chinese market and presents its cutting edge concept car, 100% designed in China.

Peugeot 508
508 in China: an essential launch for the global success of 508 and for the image of Peugeot in China.

A month and a half after the European launch crowned with success, surpassing sales objectives by 20%, the Peugeot 508 developed for the Chinese market and presented to the public at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show ahead of its commercial launch. This 508 launch is an essential launch for two reasons:
  1. Firstly, one 508 saloon in two will be manufactured and sold in China – one vehicle in three of all versions produced – for a provisional annual sales volume of 65 000 units in China for a full year.
  2. Secondly, 508 contributes to Peugeot’s global offensive strategy in enhancing both their model range and quality to new levels, in parallel to their recent launch of 3008 in China and their upcoming launch of RCZ on the 20th of this coming May.
508 has just completed, at the upper end, a rich 9 vehicle range offer: 207 hatch and sedan, 207 CC, 308 CC et SW, 408, 3008, 508, and very soon RCZ.
Peugeot’s sales objectives in China for 2011 are to sell 200.000 vehicles.

A cutting edge concept car, 100% designed in China, 100% adapted to the needs of the Chinese market of tomorrow

Peugeot presents for the first time, a world premiere, a concept car fully studied and developed by the China Tech Centre in Shanghai.

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