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Opel FlexFix: Bicycle Carrier

Opel FlexFix: Bicycle Carrier

Tempted by warm temperatures and sunny days, millions of bicyclists hop back on the saddle in the spring. In addition to the fun modern bikes offer today, the health benefits of regular bicycling are undisputed. It strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles and is easy on the joints. But taking a bicycle on a vacation or road trip poses the problem of transporting it. The innovative bicycle carrier system developed by Opel, FlexFix, is the right answer. Integrated in the rear bumper, the extremely stable and safe carrier is available for the Corsa, Astra, Meriva and Antara.

Opel FlexFix Bicycle Carrier
Opel FlexFix Bicycle Carrier
  • Unique, space-saving system integrated in rear bumper
  • Ergonomic handling prevents back injuries
  • Innovative FlexFix solution available for Corsa, Astra, Meriva and Antara
The unique and clever system is space-saving and disappears almost invisibly into the rear bumper, eliminating the need for assembling, dismantling and storing a bicycle carrier. Another big plus point is the carrier’s location close to the ground, which makes the cumbersome act of lifting a bicycle up over your head onto a roof rack obsolete. The back experts at Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR – Action for Healthy Backs) underlined this when they awarded the new Meriva their highly coveted seal of approval for its overall ergonomic concept. The Meriva is the first production car in the world to get this seal.

The Opel FlexFix carrier comprises a range of innovations, patented solutions and solutions that have been registered for patent. The integrated bicycle carrier slides out of the rear bumper like a drawer, and is unlocked by a lever positioned directly on the trunk lid edge. This design enables the carrier to be pulled out even when the luggage compartment is filled and without any tools. The FlexFix system can carry two bicycles with frames between 18 and 28 inches and a maximum weight of 40 kg. When reversing, an acoustic warning signal sounds on the extended carrier.

Nearly 60,000 satisfied Opel customers decided to purchase the FlexFix carrier, with 40,000 of those being Corsa owners. Following the new Meriva’s launch in June 2010, Opel sold around 6,700 units with FlexFix last year.

Prices in Germany for the affordable FlexFix system start at 590 euros for the Corsa, Meriva and Astra, and at 650 euros for the Antara. Opel will offer two further models with FlexFix by the end of the year.

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