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Hyundai at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show

Hyundai at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show

Hyundai Launches Premium Models, New Brand Direction at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show

Hyundai Azera at the Shanghai Motor Show
  • All-new premium sedan Azera launched in overseas market for the first time
  • The new Yuedong, Hyundai’s best-selling model in China, is also unveiled
  • Hyundai announces new “Modern Premium” brand direction in China

Hyundai Motor Company, the world’s fastest-growing major automaker, introduced its premium sedan Azera and its new brand direction to the Chinese market at the 2011 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, as part of the company’s strategy to further enhance its presence in the world’s biggest auto market. Hyundai also unveiled its new Elantra Yuedong, its best-selling model in China.

On display were other vehicles encompassing premium values, such as the Sonata and Veloster, as well as eco-friendly vehicles including the Sonata Hybrid, BlueOn electric vehicle and sedan-style fuel cell electric vehicle concept Blue2 (read as Blue square), demonstrating Hyundai’s great styling and advanced technology. These products, among other changes at the automaker, all reflect Hyundai’s new brand direction.

“We know that today’s customers are changing. So Hyundai must change,” said Jerry Shin, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor. “Today’s customers no longer want overpriced cars filled with unnecessary technology. That’s yesterday’s idea of premium. Therefore, we have created a new definition of premium; we call it Modern Premium.”

Mr. Shin announced Hyundai’s new brand slogan, “New Thinking. New Possibilities.”, presenting two examples of how new thinking created new possibilities.

“Old thinking says that only expensive cars have luxury features. New thinking produced our new Azera. With elegant "fluidic sculpture" styling and a host of luxury features, Azera looks much more expensive than it is. Old thinking says that a coupe must have two doors. New thinking created our all-new Veloster. With three doors, Veloster has the style of a coupe and the convenience of a sedan.”

New Elantra Yuedong
Hyundai today also unveiled its new Elantra Yuedong, which has been one of its best-selling models in China. The new Elantra Yuedong has been upgraded in both style and performance, to enhance competitiveness in the biggest segment in China. The Azera and new Elantra Yuedong are scheduled to hit showrooms in the first half of this year.

Hyundai Elantra Yuedong at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show

Hyundai Elantra Yuedong at the 2011 Shanghai Motor Show

Beijing Hyundai, Sonata
Beijing Hyundai Motor Company (BHMC), a 50-50 joint venture between Hyundai Motor and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., has been posting record growth since its establishment in 2002. Although it sold only 50,000 units in its first full year of sales, this figure skyrocketed to 570,000 units in 2009 and continued to jump to 703,000 units last year. Together with its importing arm, Hyundai Motor China (Sales & Marketing H.Q.), Hyundai posted sales of over 735,000 units last year. When BHMC’s third plant is completed by 2012, Hyundai will produce up to one million units a year in China, while also increasing top-line imports from Korea.

After achieving such spectacular quantitative growth, BHMC will now focus more on qualitative growth. As part of its efforts to enhance brand competitiveness and strengthen its localization strategy, BHMC announced its new local brand positioning, ‘Intelligent and Stylish,’ which takes root from Hyundai’s new global brand direction, ‘Modern premium.’

“Beijing Hyundai is entering a new phase,” said Jae-man Noh, President of BHMC. “We will enhance the quality of consumers’ lives and their auto-related lives through our new brand positioning, ‘Intelligent and Stylish.’”

In line with its new brand strategy, BHMC recently launched Hyundai’s multi-award winning Sonata. Hyundai’s all-new, game-changing Sonata has proved its success in many markets worldwide since its debut in September 2009. BHMC expects the Sonata to penetrate China’s upper market consumers, strengthening Hyundai’s premium brand image.

1.6 Gamma T-GDi
Hyundai displayed some of its most advanced technologies at Shanghai, including its latest powertrain, the new 1.6 Gamma T-GDi engine. This engine boasts improved performance and response due to an intake cooling effect achieved as fuel is injected directly into the cylinders. Fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are remarkably reduced due to stable combustion. Furthermore, fuel efficiency is improved by 10 percent compared to I4 2.4L engines with similar levels of power through downsizing, reduction of turbo-lag and as a result of increased performance. With 1,591 cc displacement, 1.6 Gamma T-GDi delivers a maximum output of 208ps and a maximum torque of 27 kgf/m. The Lambda 3.0 GDi engine was also showcased, which boasts a maximum output of 272ps and a maximum torque of 31 kgf/m.

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