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2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan

2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan

Cadillac’s CTS luxury sports Sedan, Coupe and Wagon will add an upgraded V6 engine, new grille and new Touring Edition for the 2012 model year.

2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan
2012 Cadillac CTS Sedan
  • Cadillac’s new 3.6l V6 engine delivers 322 hp
  • New grille features premium finishes for mesh and frame, refined Cadillac Wreath & Crest logo
  • CTS adds the Touring Edition that has exclusive grille with dark finish, metal pedals, dark Sapele wood interior, Recaro performance seats and sueded steering wheel and shifter
  • Coupe has available side blind-zone alert
The new 3.6l V6 will use a lighter, more efficient design to give customers more power at the same fuel economy as the current 3.6l V6. The new engine delivers 322 horsepower (237 kW) and 372 Nm of torque, compared to the current engine’s 311 horsepower (229 kW) and 370 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption and CO2 results will be announced later with similar levels of performance expected.

The CTS’s distinctive shield-shaped front grille has been redesigned with new premium finishes that highlight the intricacies of a new frame and mesh combination. The Wreath & Crest logo also has sharper colors and raised ridges between the colors, giving it a three-dimensional, jewel-like quality. The result provides customers a CTS with a more refined appearance.

The changes will be carried in all three CTS models – CTS Sport Sedan, Sport Wagon and Coupe. The 2012 models can be ordered for summer production with delivery at dealerships this fall. Pricing will be announced closer to the start of production.

“CTS has established itself as a world-class line of luxury sports cars, but to remain competitive, we have to continually make improvements,” said Wolfgang Schubert, Managing Director Cadillac Europe. “The changes for the 2012 model year give customers a fresh take on the CTS’s bold front grille and provide enhanced driving performance without sacrificing fuel degrading.”

The new grille builds on a design that has helped the CTS family win recognition and accolades globally. Car and Driver’s 10Best list, Popular Mechanics’ Auto Excellence Awards and Automobile Magazine’s All-Stars list. The new finishes on the grille add more gloss to the mesh and luster to the frame, accentuating the details in the design. The mesh also is pulled flusher to the frame, making these details stand out even more.

The new 3.6l V6 builds on another award-winning design. It’s an evolution of an engine named twice to Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for what the automotive publication called its “laudable low-end torque and effortless power delivery.”

Cadillac engineers were able to improve the current design in several ways. The cylinder heads have larger intake valves and an improved intake port design. These work in conjunction with a longer-duration intake camshaft to boost power and efficiency by allowing more air to flow into the engine.

Engineers were also able to achieve significant weight reductions. An integrated cylinder head/exhaust manifold design saves approximately 6 kg per engine compared to the cylinder heads and manifolds of the current engine.

The new composite intake manifold saves approximately 2.5 kg compared to the current aluminum intake. A lighter-weight structural front cover and lighter-weight, high-strength connecting rods bring the total weight savings to 9.3 kg, which helps the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and improves the car’s handling and driving balance.

In addition to the new engine and grille, Cadillac is adding a new Touring Edition for 2012 that enhances key touch-points of the CTS. The Touring Edition is available in the 3.6l V6 Sport Luxury trims for all 3 CTS bodystyles and will have an exclusive grille with a dark finish, metal pedals, dark Sapele wood interior trim and sueded seat inserts, steering wheel and shift knob.

Formerly only available on the CTS-V, the Touring Edition will also feature Recaro 14-way adjustable performance seats. The Touring Edition Sedan and Wagon also will be equipped with chrome door handles.

Rounding out the enhancements for the upcoming 2012 model year is the addition of side blind-zone alert technology which will be standard on all on CTS Coupes.

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