Monday, February 14, 2011

Fiat Group Automobiles Creates the First iPhone Applications

Fiat Group Automobiles Creates the First iPhone Applications

As always keeping pace with the new trends in the digital world, Fiat Group Automobiles is the first European automotive group to have opened a new customer service channel on iPhone last December. The channel is simple and quick and it is dedicated to the Fiat brand: “Ciao Fiat Mobile”. Then, in March, the new applications intended for Lancia and Alfa Romeo customers called “Lancia Everywhere Mobile” and “Alfa Romeo Info Mobile" respectively will be presented at the Geneva International Motor Show.


Currently available in Italy, the three specific applications for the three brands are offered free of charge on “App store” and include an extensive range of useful functions (in Italian and partly in English), including:
  • Your Profile: allowing you to customise the application with your personal details and the details of your car;
  • “Find your car”: record the position of your parked car, making it easier to find again thanks to instructions on the route to take to get to it;
  • “Due dates”: to enter due dates relating to your car directly;
  • “Find a dealer”: allowing users to find their nearest Fiat, Lancia or Alfa Romeo dealer;
  • “Test drive”: Motor Village and Fiat Centers allow you to book a test drive;
  • “Owner Handbook”: contains a summary version of the handbook for your car (for now, those of the Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta are available) enriched with some video footage;
  • “Contact us”: to contact the Customer Services of each brand directly;
  • “News and Promotions”: to be constantly up to date on all the news, as well as any promotions under way which can be consulted and viewed, car by car;
  • Roadside rescue, to call for assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident and Infotraffic, to check the traffic situation on Italian orbitals and motorway events.

In addition, the app for Lancia, which has long sponsored the major Film Festivals, including Venice and Rome, features a service dedicated to film buffs with the latest reviews, trailers and cinema finder. The app for Alfa Romeo lets you discover the interiors of the Giulietta thanks to an X-ray view of the car.

Launched in December, Ciao Fiat Mobile was “downloaded” free of charge by almost twenty thousand people, immediately rising up to the Top25 most popular applications on App Store ad ranked between first and third position after Google and Wikipedia in its reference category; and now it's time for the other brands in Fiat Group Automobiles. The Fiat Group developed this service based on the requirements of its European customers. Indeed, a specific enquiry was conducted among Italian, French, English, German and Spanish customers to find out their requirements and expectations in terms of service on the mobile phones channel and, specifically, smartphones. The results of the enquiry and a keen eye on innovations made it possible to devise and develop the features of the three applications, which will be added to over time and will also cross the national borders.
“Ciao Fiat Mobile”, “Lancia Everywhere Mobile” and “Alfa Romeo Info Mobile” for iPhone thereby confirm the desire of Fiat Group Automobiles to truly accommodate the needs of all drivers, offering the very best technology on offer, including obviously all the new functions that are being developed in the mobile phone market.

For further details on the new Fiat application, the website is now available, and one for the other brands will also soon be launched.

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