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SEAT Leads Car Sales in Spain After 31 Years

SEAT Leads Car Sales in Spain After 31 Years

After a successful 2010 where SEAT was the best-selling car company in the Spanish market for ten out of the twelve months of the year, sales figures confirm the Spanish brand’s leadership in the domestic market, a historic feat that has not taken place since 1979.

SEAT range
  • It is the only brand with a market share greater than 9%
  • The Ibiza and León are among the 7 best-selling models
  • The Exeo, a decisive element for obtaining leadership
The total market figures for 2010 stood at 982,015 registered units, which represents a 3.1% increase compared to the previous year. SEAT posted sales of 89,392 units, which is 6.7% better than the previous year’s results as well as above the average growth of the entire market. Furthermore, this figure places the Spanish brand as the only one to exceed a 9% market share, according to reports published today by the Anfac manufacturer’s and Ganvam retailer’s associations.

After learning these results, company chairman James Muir declared that “reaching the leadership in the Spanish market is a sign of the comeback SEAT is making. This success in the domestic market will help us boost the growth of our brand in the rest of the European markets, on the road toward fully using our production capacity at our Martorell facilities”.

SEAT’s mid to high-end range has seen the greatest increase in sales compared to the previous year. Sales of the León went up by 5.1%, of the Altea by 33.8%, of the Exeo by 61.7% and sales of the Alhambra, the brand’s latest launch, increased by 73.1%. The other new model launched in 2010, the Ibiza ST, dominated sales in the family-sized utilitarian sub-segment with a market share nearing 50%.

“The Exeo has been the cornerstone of our achievement, since the additional sales provided by this model have put SEAT at the top of the sales ranking” said managing director of SEAT Spain Vicente Adrián, who added “special mention also goes to the greatly popular Ibiza, which is the second-best selling car and leader in its segment since 2001”.

SEAT’s leadership is not confined solely to the overall market. The Spanish brand is also the best-seller of reduced emissions vehicles, a segment where it reaches an 11.5% market share, with the Ibiza topping the sales list of models with fewer than 130 g/km of CO2 emissions.

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