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Fiat Automobiles Rewards the Most Eco-friendly Driver in Europe

Fiat Automobiles Rewards the Most Eco-friendly Driver in Europe

Friday saw the end of "Fiat eco:DriveGP", the first eco-friendly driving competition in Europe based on objective driving data provided through eco:Drive, the innovative Fiat system which helps to increase driving efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


The initiative, open to all Fiat car owners - fitted with Blue&Me - who live in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and England, entailed two phases. In phase one, the thousands of Fiat eco:Drivers from each participating country competed against one another for approximately one month to elect their top two eco:Drivers (a man and a woman) for each country. In the enchanting setting of the Bologna Motorshow, the 10 national champions competed in the eco-driving Champions League, in pursuit of the title of most efficient and eco-friendly driver in Europe.
The final, which covered a 22 km route from the MotorShow to the hills surrounding Bologna, led to the crowning of the European champion of the Fiat eco:DriveGP Luca Martinello from Italy, who was awarded the winning prize by Giorgio Neri, Head of Fiat Marketing Initiatives. The lucky winner is now the proud owner of the brand new 500 TwinAir, which with its 85 HP and just 92 g/km of CO2 emissions affords unrivalled driving satisfaction, with the lowest emission levels in the world for a petrol engine. Fun and eco-friendly, just like eco:Drive.
In parallel with the final which took place in Bologna, a team competition was also held, involving 10 crews consisting of an eco:Driver and a journalist. The most eco-friendly crew was spanish consisting of the eco:Drivers Maria Jose Caceres Pariente and Pietro Alonso. The two components of the eco:Team won a Blue&Me TomTom, the innovative Fiat infotainment system that lets you manage your mobile phone, music and vehicle information via a practical touch-screen.
Today, Fiat is the only car manufacturer able to launch a competition of this kind, based on objective results recorded by eco:Drive, the first and only system currently available that is able to offer drivers authentic trip data and personal tips based on their driving style. eco:Drive therefore represents a unique way of using technology to bring about long-term changes in driving behaviour.

Fiat eco:Drive is the only system that measures driving style according to the real data from the engine management control unit

eco:Drive is a free application available for download from the Fiat website ( Users can collect their driving data via the USB port of the Blue&Me system fitted on their car. When the USB storage device is inserted into their PC, the eco:Drive system sends the data to the Fiat server, which processes it to measure driving efficiency based on four parameters: acceleration, deceleration, gear shifts and speed.
The scores allocated for each of these four areas contribute to the definition of the eco:Index that summarises driving quality from 1 to 100.
eco:Drivers receive personalised tips on how to improve their performance in each area and consequently their eco:Index. They can follow their progress over time, set personal goals and check their savings through the application on their own PC.
All eco:Drive users are part of eco:Ville, an on-line community that receives data on all the savings made through the commitment of eco:Drivers. To date, approximately 50,000 users have saved a total of 3,500 tons of CO2 by improving the efficiency of their personal driving styles.
eco:Drive is currently available on a wide range of Fiat cars (500, 500C, Grande Punto, Punto Evo, Bravo, Croma, Qubo, New Doblò and Linea) and Fiat Professional commercial vehicles (Grande Punto Van, Punto Evo Van, Fiorino, Doblò and Ducato). Specific functions are also available to evaluate savings associated with the use of Start&Stop technology and CNG. That’s not to mention the fact that eco:Drive Fleet has been available since February. This version is dedicated to fleets and allows companies and fleet managers to control CO2 emissions and costs.
eco:Drive is an example of Fiat's commitment in the field of environmental protection, a concrete commitment that has made the Fiat fleet the most eco-friendly in Europe. After three remarkable years, this leadership was confirmed also during the first six months of 2010, with an average emission value of the entire range of 123.5 g/km, more than 4 g/km less that the closest competition. With eco:Drive, Fiat therefore set out to think not only of its own products but also of its own users by encouraging them to help reduce automotive transport-related emissions.

Fiat eco:Drive allows savings of up to € 1,600 to be made over the vehicle's life span

The small measures taken collectively by many people have a very substantial impact. Fiat has always believed in this philosophy and is now also able to demonstrate the efficacy of this approach. Indeed, a European roadshow began in Balocco on 4th November, to present the results of an investigation conducted on over 400,000 trips of almost 6,000 eco:Drivers in the 5 major European countries. The results of this investigation, which is one of a kind, are surprising and confirm once again the efficacy of Fiat's approach to containing emissions.
The results show that the system allows up to 16% of fuel, CO2 and money to be saved in 30 days, easily and without investments. In other words, the best eco:Drivers can each save nearly three tons of CO2 and approximately 1,600 euros during the lifecycle of their cars (calculated in the range of approximately 7 and a half years). These results are even more interesting considering that if everyone in Europe followed the example of the best eco:Drivers, the total saving would add up to 37 billion litres of oil (corresponding to five times that produced by the largest extraction facility in the world). The CO2 reduction would amount to more than 90 million tons (equal to the total yearly emissions of Portugal) and over 50 billion euros would be saved (amounting to more than the total European investment in renewable energy sources last year).
eco:Drive is an important tool not only for reducing consumption and emissions but also for helping drivers become better motorists, with visible effects also on their usual trips. For example, while the average distance travelled remained the same (10 km) over the 30 day period, the time taken to cover it was reduced (- 3.3%), the average speed slightly increased (+ 2.4%) and – above all – the time wasted in stop & go traffic drastically dropped (-13%, for example, by decelerating in advance when approaching a red light to pick up the “green waves”). In brief, eco:Drivers consume less and arrive earlier.
Furthermore, the research indicated that a specific driving culture was found in each of the five countries examined: for example, British and German motorists adopt a more regular, smoother driving style than the Italians and Spanish, while the French improved their performance more quickly and effectively than the others. Equally, all European eco:Drivers obtained real improvements and – above all – the improvement persists over time across Europe. This fact is particularly important when considering that over 50% of all eco:Drive users are younger than 35: we can say that a new generation of eco-motorists is born.


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