Monday, January 04, 2010

Women's World Car of the Year

Women's World Car of the Year

In their very first edition, the Women's World Car of the Year awards have thrown up an unexpected line up of winners! This year Jaguar XF was the winner.

If women elected their car of the year, what would it? It is precisely the idea of hosting eight female automotive journalists from seven countries! To establish this ranking 1st, they chose 21 vehicles in four categories. Among the criteria considered by the board 100% female there: the capacity of the trunk, mindfulness given to children, design and driving pleasure. At the close of voting, the Jaguar XF has won the supreme title of "World Women Car of the Year". The sedan feline was also distinguished as the most luxurious car. The Volvo XC60 wins him the palm "family car" of the year. The ranking of the most "economical cars" reward the Volkswagen Golf diesel. Finally, Audi TTS appears to be the favorite of the ladies in the chapter "sports car"!

2010 Jaguar XF
What women like to drive?
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What women like to drive? What women like to drive? What women like to drive?
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